Are you in love with yourself and your life?
What do you crave in life?
What lights you up?
What is your vision for life?
What kind of impact do you want to create?

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Why have a wake up call?

Sometimes you only need a little bit of time to talk about you, your life, your dreams and visions in order to be ready to make the transformation happen.

My Intention & Beliefs

Answering the questions above will wake you up and enable you to transform and shine. My intention is to support you as you travel from one side of the bridge, where you are now, to the other side, where you want to be.

I work primarily with women, specifically women who want to become the happiest and most radiant version of themselves. Women who want to create a meaningful life and make a change.

We will set a powerful foundation for you to build up your dreams upon. I will help you live with an open heart, be brave and jump into life’s adventures. I believe that an uplifting, radiant and inspirational life can be achieved by anyone. Including you.

In combination with my own life experience and the personal struggles I had to go through, my qualifications include:

  • A diploma as Transformational Life Coach
  • 200-hour yoga teacher training
  • Certificate in Women’s Self-Care
  • NLP Practitioner Certificate
  • Bachelor degree
  • My own spiritual practice
  • Attended therapy and coaching myself

How will I know if I am ready for the Wake up and Shine program?
  • You are looking for a new approach to make a change in your lifestyle.
  • You know there is more to life waiting for you.
  • You want to create more meaning and impact.
  • You are craving for clarity.
  • You want to define your vision and mission.
  • You want to fall in love with yourself and life.
  • You are in an important transformational phase (health, relationship, work) and need a guiding hand to go through it together.
  • You are willing to work hard, invest time and energy in yourself and also face “your dark side.”
  • You need a confidence boost and higher self-esteem.
  • You need an accountability buddy who will regularly check in and will remind you about your goals if you get sidetracked.
  • You are ready to redefine your self-discipline.
  • You want to get out of your comfort zone but are afraid to take the first steps.

This program isn’t a fit for you if:

  • You are working through mental health issues.
  • You are unwilling to take the essentials steps and actions in order to make a change.

Coaching Techniques

My coaching sessions include techniques and elements out of;

  • Professional coaching exercises
  • NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming)
  • Mindset-work (Affirmations / Manifestation),
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Solution focused questions
  • Yoga – physical practice (deep relaxation exercises)
  • Breathing techniques
  • Mediation
  • Traditional Self-Care Rituals

The program includes;
  • thirteen (13) private, one-on-one coaching sessions spread out over 6 months, each held for one (1) hour on the phone or online
  • Your own private databank to share our notes, audio recordings and homework’s of our sessions
  • Unlimited text and email support between sessions to celebrate your success or if you need a pick me up and encouragement
  • Personalised action plan, tools and resources 
  • Support to help you implement new techniques and getting started


Because I give all of my awareness and energy to you, I currently only work with 10 clients at the time.

Learn more about my current consultation prices and availability during your first free Wake Up call, which lasts 30 minutes.

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Only need a Boost Wake Up Call?

Sometimes the only thing we need is a “kick in our Asana.”

If you feel you need a change of perspective or to reset your goals, then this private and intense boost session is the right thing for you. We will talk about your dreams and visions. We will realign your thoughts and I will give you input on what kind of steps you can take next.

How does it work?

Boost Wake Up calls are between 75 to 90 minutes long and are conducted online or on the phone. The Boost calls include a 20 minute follow up call two weeks later.


Know that the Guru is already within you and you can stop seeking.

Disclaimer:  Anita Jetzer is a certified yoga teacher and is not a psychiatrist or psychologist. All members take part in this coaching program at their own risk. All members are responsible for their own mental health and take part knowing that this program is in no way to take the place of professional mental health therapies.