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Holistic Health Coaching

Thank you for your interest in working together. I offer online holistic health coaching in English and German. The packages below will be always tailored according to your needs, circumstances, personality and level of commitment. All of my work is based on a whole-people approach which means including your mental, physical and emotional health and seeing the bigger picture. I am here to support you and share tools and techniques which will support you on a journey to a more loving and nourishing relationship with yourself. Integrative practices and the right questions will help you to feel also into the more difficult areas, to release what needs to be released and to handle the challenges of everyday life. My intent is not to make you search for the best version of yourself and some far out life purpose but to embrace your enough-ness and to empower you to live in truth of who you really are.

My offerings

tailored onto your needs

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A Holistic Path to Health & Transformation

Body Connection

Deepening the connection between body, mind and soul and focus on overall well-being & health. Tap into self-care and clearing blocks. Removing limiting believes.

mind Growth

Planting the seeds for change and growth. Gain clarity and focus on what you want to create in your life. Align thoughts, desires and actions.

Soul Flow

Embodiment of a new self. Freely express inner and outer voice. Live in a state of flow and ease. Tap into pleasure and elements of enjoyment.

Frequently asked questions:

Holistic life Coaching is a whole people perspective; meaning it takes all areas of life as well as the body wisdom, human psychology and emotional intelligence into account. Holistic = whole, is the understanding that everything is connected. Together we are looking at the bigger picure and grasp the cause/desire at its root. The beauty of a holistic approach is that when clearing one area the rest is following as well.

I provide personalized online coaching in English and German. The services are tailored to your needs & intentions. As a holistic coach I work with different tools and techniques to access a whole-people perspective. The duration of one session varies between one or two hours depending on your package. Every session is a mix between talking, self-refelction, coaching exercises, somatic integration & embodiment. In between the sessions you are supported by whatsapp and email as well as I will give you some assignments to do on your own.

Entering a coaching program means you sign up to meet yourself on a whole other level of truth and growth is guaranteed. Your level of consciousness and daily awarenesss will raise and you will feel empowered to take the next steps in your life. Coaching asks for Self-agency and Self-autonomy. Meaning I provide you with my expertise, tools and techniques – the actual transformation and work is on your side. It is my aim to support you connecting deeper with your true self, needs & wants and dreams. You will meet yourself in truth and get real.

My clients love my authentic, calm and peaceful way of being. I meet people with the fullest compassion for where they are right in this moment. I create a safe space for healing and growing. I see the fullest potential in everyone I meet and support them stepping into it. My intuition and personal experience guides me to what is supporting you the most. I don’t believe in achieving a better self but to free the true self up and living in your own truth.  I am not afraid to step into uncomfortable topics around shame and pain which are necessary for you to transform.

Out of my broad knowledge and experience I mostly use the following tools & techniques in my coaching sessions:

  • My intuition

  • Holistic Health Coaching

  • Transformational Coaching 

  • Breathwork

  • Yoga

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Meditation

  • Visualisation

  • Manifestation

  • Mindfulness 

  • NLP 

  • EFT Tapping

Topics which we most likely will touch during our work together:

  • Holistic view on life areas and look at their connection with each other

  • Deeper look into nutrition and health journey

  • Review and empowerment of daily habits & routine

  • Self-care & the power of Rest

  • Stressmanagement 

  • Image of Self, Self-Acceptance & Self-love 

  • Self-Worth & Self-Confidence

  • Gratitude & Mindfulness for Body, Mind, Soul connection

  • Review of life until now & vision / desires for future

  • Law of attraction / manifestation

  • Self-empowerment and strengthening own strength

  • Values & boundaries

  • Defining needs and wants

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Patterns

  • Shadow work around topics of shame

  • Work with stored emotions & blocks

  • Self-healing old wounds

  • Forgiveness Practice 

  • Pleasure  & Elements of Enjoyment


  • Energy of Sex, Money and Health

  • Flow state

  • Surrender & trust

  • Embodiment & integration

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