Private Holistic Health Coaching

Thank you for your interest in working together. I offer online holistic health coaching in English and German. The packages below will be always tailored according to your needs, circumstances, personality and level of commitment. All of my work is based on a whole-people approach which means including your mental, physical and emotional health and seeing the bigger picture. I am here to support you and share tools and techniques which will support you on a journey to a more loving and nourishing relationship with yourself. Integrative practices and the right questions will help you to feel also into the more difficult areas, to release what needs to be released and to handle the challenges of everyday life. My intent is not to make you search for the best version of yourself and some far out life purpose but to embrace your enough-ness and to empower you to live in truth of who you really are.

A holistic path to Health & Transformation

I will share tools and techniques from ancient wisdom over modern neuroscience to easy health hacks with you to support your transformative journey. When working together I’ll guide you through these three holistic stages:

Body Connection

Our bodies know best but often we lose connection to this inner wisdom. In our work together we restore this connection and have a close look on what nourishes you on and off the plate including e.g. movement and a healthy self-care routine. As our bodies keep the score it is essential for us to release old traumas, blockages and self-manipulating habits out of our system. We will deepen the loving relationship with your body and improve your self-image.

mind Growth

Our mind can be our biggest force or our worst enemy. Mental health and strength are essential for us to live a fulfilled and empowered life. Together we will train your mind to create the reality you want to live in on a daily basis.  A positive change in mindset, clearing out limiting beliefs and gaining clarity are some of the outcomes you will experience during a coaching program. We will plant seeds for your mind to grow and align your thoughts with your desires & actions.

Soul Flow

Emotional health and how close we live a life to our own truth define the way we feel about ourselves and our life. We will clear out emotional baggage and traumas you might be carrying with you so that you can enter a so-called flow state. We will cultivate a higher level of gratitude, joy and pleasure in your life. Your soul will flow by you using your voice, tapping into creative self-expression and embodying the truth of who you really are.

Personalised Holistic Programs

Work with me


You know exactly what you want and just want some guidance on the side. Then this 4-session package is for you. Together we work on the clarity and progress you want to see in your life.

  • 4 x video calls (à 60 min)
  • WhatsApp support between sessions
  •  Handout & exercises
  • 30-day journal
  • Investment EUR 650.- (possible to pay in rates)


This 8-session package is for you when you want to create a long-lasting change in your life and step into a loving relationship with yourself. This is the foundation for you to own your enough-ness and we will work according to your needs.

  • 8 x video calls (à 60 min)
  • WhatsApp support between sessions
  •  Handout & exercises
  • 30-day journal
  • Investment EUR 1200.- (possible to pay in rates)


Transformation takes time too unfold. With this personalised 12-session package we go deep into your belief system and let you unfold your truth. This powerful journey allows you to fully embody your new self and take empowered action.

  • 12 x video calls (a 60 min)
  • WhatsApp support between sessions
  •  Handout & exercises
  • 30-day journal
  • Investment EUR 1800.- (possible to pay in rates)

Book your free 20 min connection call to get to know each other and see how i can support you best!

Prefer writing emails? I'm also happy to provide you with more information in a written way!

Frequently asked questions:

Holistic life Coaching is a whole people perspective; meaning it takes all areas of life as well as the body wisdom, human psychology and emotional intelligence into account. Holistic = whole, is the understanding that everything is connected. Together we are looking at the bigger picture and grasp the cause/desire at its root. The beauty of a holistic approach is that when clearing one area the rest is following as well.

A 1:1 coaching session lasts for about an hour and is always tailored to your needs & intentions. The format of private coaching gives you space and time to focus on your own process. I am there to support you on your journey, to hold you accountable and to ask the right questions for you to move closer to your truth.


The 60 minutes sessions are a combination of you talking & reflecting, coaching exercises, mindset work, somatic integration, breathing,  meditation or other relaxation techniques as well as nutritional education (if this is a topic for you).


The tools & techniques I am working with are:

  • My intuition
  • Holistic Health Coaching
  • Transformational Coaching 
  • Breathwork
  • Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Meditation
  • Visualisation
  • Manifestation
  • Mindfulness 
  • NLP 
  • EFT Tapping

Entering a coaching program means you commit to meet yourself on a whole other level of truth and this is the biggest gift you can offer yourself. I believe that the only task we have in life is to move step by step closer to our true being. To let go of the social expectation & conditioning and seeing our wholeness.

When activiley working on yourself your level of consciousness and daily awarenesss will raise automatically. Through my support you will feel empowered to build a life around your core values and to own your enough-ness. Together we will set you up for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Coaching asks for Self-agency and Self-autonomy. Meaning I provide you with my expertise, full-power assist and support, tools and techniques but the actual transformation and work is on your side. This means the outcome is 100% on your side.

  • Empowerment to own self-worth and build a life around core-values
  • Entering a loving relationship with self, fostering deep inner trust & acceptance
  • Claiming own voice, saying no and setting clear boundaries (stop people pleasing)
  • Guiding back to own truth & authentic living
  • Holistic nutrition & healthcare
  • Stress reduction, work-life balance and implementing a self-care routine
  • Overcoming self-sabotaging and limiting beliefs
  • Dark Shadow work through shame, guilt, fear
  • Golden Shadow work to see your own power & potential 
  • Self-healing through Breathwork
  • Somatic embodiment through Yoga and other movement
  • Mindfulness in daily life (Meditation and others)
  • Strengthening intuition and body wisdom
  • Support to enter flow state
  • Holding a safe space

Depending on your package, commitment and availability we have a call of one hour either every or every other week. In the time between the calls I will ask you to do simple practices and self-reflection. These exercises vary also a lot on your current situation.

What I have experienced is that money is very closely linked to self-worth. How high do you rate your own value to see that investing in your own healing, growth and transformation is the best and most long-lasting investment you can make?


Commiting to transformation can also make you nervous because your unconscious-self already knows that you will be asked to leave the comfort zone and take a leap of faith.  (of course only for your best).


It is crazy for how much money we spend on random things which are quick-fixes of our worth or image of self. Only to realise after a short time that we fall again back to old habits.


Remember that investing in your Health and Wellbeing is an investment in your daily life quality and joy.

My clients love my authentic, calm and joyful way of being. I meet people with the fullest compassion for where they are right in this moment and create a safe space for healing and growth. 


I practice what I preach and have been through many challenges myself. My own path has helped me to be very connected with my intuition and also to go into the shadow work (shame, guilt, fears) with my clients.


I only share tools & techniques which have supported my own path. Over the years I have developed my own method and style working with clients. Even though the work might not  always be funny and you might experience sadness or resistance there will still be more moments of laughter, break-through and celebrations.


I see every person in his / her own uniqueness and that everyone has the right to be seen and heard. I love empowering others to fully own their enough-ness, acknowledging their worth and live their truth. 

I can totally hear & see you!

Vulnerability, healing, transformation, claiming our worth and our voice can be scary! Every change is a little death which creates space for us to rebirth a new version of ourselves. It’s a time of letting go and having an honest look at ourselves.

Believe me, I was there too. I know it takes a lot of courage. But I also know that something has guided you here and that this is the sign you need to take the first step! 

Know that you don’t have to do all of the inner work alone and that I am here to support. I love to hold a safe and compassionate space.

Let’s chat on the phone and get to know each other a bit better. Book a call here.

Awesome! I am happy to answer your open questions. 

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