“My wish is that you feel home in your body, joy in your mind, love in your soul, and reflect the light of who you are back out into the world.


I AM WORTHY – 1-1 Coaching

I work in a holistic way because I believe that everything is interconnected. By working with me you will realise that by shifting one area of your life, others are going to follow. The deeper you dig, the more you are going to transform and progress in your personal development.

My private sessions focus on three main areas:

  • Releasing stress and tension
  • Alignment of body, mind & soul
  • Clarity & Vision setting

If you feel called to one or the other area  or want to combine all of them – I am here to support you on your journey. I believe that we all have unlimited potential. Let’s unlock it!

Because I give all of my awareness and energy to you, I currently only work with 4 clients at the time.

Learn more about my current consultation prices and availability during a talk.

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Private Breathwork Session

Breathwork is about grounding the nervous system, moving energy and support a deeper connection to oneself. Before we start we are going to do gentle movements and setting an intention. I mostly lead a breathwork technique called connected breath / holotropic breathing.

As we move through the session I hold the space for whatever might come up. You most likely will experience  strong physical sensations and energy blocks releasing. Towards the end of the practice you feel a deep sense of connectedness and Peace.

After a long relaxationphase you have time to reflect, write and meditate. If you wish we discuss the experience throughout the session. My expertise in coaching and Yoga will support you to understand how to integrate thoughts and feelings in your daily life.


Know that the Guru is already within you and you can stop seeking.

Disclaimer:  Anita Jetzer is a certified yoga teacher and transformational life coach and is not a psychiatrist or psychologist. All members take part in this coaching program at their own risk. All members are responsible for their own mental health and take part knowing that this program is in no way to take the place of professional mental health therapies.