Conscious Connected Breathwork

Through public and private Breathwork session I am bringing this ancient technique to you. This is one of the most powerfulest ways to connect with your unconsciousness and to change from a cellular level. Connected Breathing is helping you to awaken your true self and to experience a connection and love with your self like never before. By a faster paced breathing you can access non-ordinary states of consciousness which helps you to activate self-healing on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Breathe with me

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Private 1:1 Breathwork Session

A personalised 2 hour breathwork session tailored onto your needs including coaching and reintegration of the experienced. In a private setting I can guide you deeper into your intention and help you release & transform.

group session

Ideal for couples, families or friends who would like to practice Breathwork in a more intimate setting.

5 x Private sessions Package

Real transformation takes time. In the frame of 5 session we can intensively work on a topic together and heal as well as release it at its root. 5 sessions are 10 hours of Breathwork & Coaching.

Public Online & In-Person Sessions

Check my calendar for upcoming sessions & workshops online and in-person.