Conscious Connected Breathwork

Conscious connected Breathwork is an incredible and powerful technique to connect with your true self, to release tension and transform on a cellular level. 

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My Breathwork offerings

Private 1:1 Session

A personalised 2 hour breathwork session tailored to your needs including mentoring, reintegration and embodiment of the experience. The setting of a private sessions allows you to go deeper into your healing journey. Your investment CHF 250.- (in Person) / CHF 200.- (Online)

Private 5x1:1 Session Package

Real transformation and healing takes time. In the context of 5 sessions we can focus intensively on one topic of your choice and address beliefs at its root.
5 sessions are in total 10 hours of Breathwork (each session is 2hr) the price depends if the sessions are online & offline and if you wish additional support & mentoring in between the meetings.

Private Group Session

Ideal for couples, families or friends who would like to practice Breathwork in a more intimate setting. The price depends on the size of the group.

Online & In-Person Group Sessions

Check my calendar for upcoming group sessions & workshops online and in-person.

Simple and powerful


Here are some of the many benefits of this simple but so powerful circular breathing technique:

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All you need is two hours space and time for yourself. After an introduction to the technique and sharing some insights out of your life you will breathe for about an hour (don’t worry this might sound long but passes very fast). Releases and insights are guaranteed. 


What people say

 Read about Katrins, Yogis’ Choice Switzerland, experience after the first time doing conscious connected breathwork. (read the original text here in German)



Since Anita offers individual sessions and is currently in Valais, we meet for a first session via Zoom. Although I have never met her personally, I have the impulse to trust her. Anita explains how breathing works: Breathing in and out with the mouth open, with no pauses in between. Before we begin, there is a preliminary talk in which Anita asks me to talk about my childhood and my current perception of life. What are current topics, do I experience difficulties, which questions are currently occupying my mind? She also asks me to set an intention for the lesson and to express what I want to let go of consciously.

Finally, I lie on my back, make myself comfortable on the yoga mat and cover myself warmly. The session will last about an hour and the body can cool down. I start to breathe – deeply and quickly. While I lie down, Anita guides me through the session. She observes me, asks me questions and probably the most important thing: she holds the room, makes it a safe place.

During the intensive breathing my whole body starts to tingle, especially in the chest area, thighs and palms. Soon it feels as if I am losing access to my physical self, as if I am mentally disconnected from my body. I lie there and the thought comes up that I am much more than just my body. Controlling movements out of my head becomes difficult and yet breathing itself is still a conscious act. Few pictures move along with people and situations I know. I cannot describe it in any other way than that I feel pressed into the floor and drawn to the ceiling at the same time. I can still feel this feeling today, a few days later, while writing this report.

I am lying there and the thought comes up that I am much more than just my body.

Towards the end Anita lets music play, the hour fades away. I notice how I enjoy not moving yet. It is difficult for me to dissolve this state and to control movements with my head. When I straighten up again, I feel both far away and present. A bit beside my shoes, as if I had just woken up from a deep sleep. I don’t like to talk like that. In addition to the sluggishness I feel, I also feel a joy arising in me that makes me laugh. And my jaw region, which tends to tense up when there is discomfort or stress, feels wonderfully relaxed. We end the session and I stay in my room for a short time without doing anything concrete. My hands tremble a little.

The next day Anita asks how I am doing and how I have integrated the experience into my daily life. While I was very joyful after the session, the next day a sadness overcomes me. I feel that my body is still in the processing phase. I read affirmations that Anita wants to give me on my way. They build on our preliminary talk and resonate with me.

Especially in these uncertain times, I am very happy about the digital room for maneuver and am surprised that a breathing session is also possible within this framework. But it also takes a little more personal responsibility to create a secure framework. This means making myself comfortable, lighting candles, banning my laptop, cell phone and work materials from my room and also allowing me a break between everyday life and the session. I will pay more attention to these aspects in the future. But how it all feels and what is right – yes, this is something you probably have to try out yourself to get an answer.

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