Meet Anita

Meet Anita

Hey, I’m Anita!

Transformational Life Coach, Yogini, Surfer-Girl, Mountain-Lover, World-Nomad, Spiritual-Seeker, Personal Development-Addict and Optimist.




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We all have our stories. I would like to share mine with you.

Like many others, my father chose not to be a part of my life when I was just an infant. Despite this, I was fortunate. My mother is a kind and spiritual woman. She was a fantastic parent and I had a happy childhood. She provided me with love, support and the structure to succeed.

Even though I had so much, I was still haunted by the thought of not being good enough, not being wanted and not being worthy of love. Why else would a father not want to see his child? For years I couldn’t describe my family situation without bursting into tears.

Growing up in my mother’s presence helped me become self-aware. In my teens, I started reading books about self-development, spiritual exploration and meditation and in my early twenties, I began therapy to address some of my deeper wounds. The therapist became my coach and taught me a great deal about self-acceptance and self-love. Perhaps most importantly, she helped me arrange a meeting with my father. Even though we weren’t able to develop a father-daughter relationship, finally seeing him was a necessary step to make peace with him. I could begin to move forward. With that though, I also needed to address the negative thought patterns that were still wired in my brain. After all, I had believed them for over 20 years.

Yoga was turning point in my life. I began my practice seven years ago and had the amazing opportunity to help out in a studio in Berne, Switzerland, my hometown. My practice grew deeper. I started to feel changes in my body, but more importantly, I started to notice changes in my self-awareness, how I felt in my body and where my thoughts were going.

Looking back, I can say – as you will hear that from many yogis – that yoga turned my life upside down. In a positive way, of course! It affects my daily habits, nutrition, choice of people I surround myself with, my career, education and most of all, my relationship with myself. I started to love and accept myself the way I am. More and more, I have found peace within myself. My journey connected me to yoga teachers from all over the world and when travelling, I try to go to as many different yoga studios I can.

Nearly five years ago, I joined a 200-hour teacher training program with the intention of deeping my practise. Initially, I thought it was only going to be for me… but I ended up teaching after all, as I felt the urge to share my knowledge and the sweet joy of yoga with others.

I turned 30 at the beginning of 2018. Looking back, I can say that my journey wasn’t an easy one, however I am grateful for every experience I had, including the hard lessons. Without them, I wouldn’t be the person I am now.