Meet Anita

Meet Anita

Hey, I’m Anita!

Transformational Life Coach, World-Nomad, Traveller, Entrepreneur, Spiritual-Seeker, Personal Development-Addict, Optimist, Yogini, Surfer-Girl and Nature-Lover.


It’s my mission to inspire Women to live a life aligned with their desires & dreams and overcome limiting believes and old habits.



I’ve been on a spiritual and self-seeking way for nearly on my life. It all started by searching for my identity growing up without knowing my father. This programmed a lot of limiting believes in my head as I am not good enough or not loveable. I had my first spiritual experience with eleven years when I listened to one of my mothers meditational tapes and found myself somehow looking down on my own body. Growing up in a not so typical surrounding was the foundation of who I am now.

Since then I have never settle for the norm. I believe that we can grow each day into a better version of ourselves. We have the ability to change our Mindset no-matter in what environment or conditions we grew up.

Searching a place in life – I had to admit that I won’t be going the classical way of school, study, job. I knew I will have to create a life which suits my needs  and gives myself the freedom to grow in all possible ways. At the moment my ideal lifestyle is living location independent and living my dream of travelling the world.

A big part of being able to create the life of my dreams is my spiritual path and urge for personal-development as well as my Yoga Practice.


  • everything is possible if you believe in it
  • universe is acting fast as soon as you have aligned your mind with your true self
  • you are awesome no-matter what experiences you have to go through
  • I am loveable
  • Freedom starts inside yourself
  • you can create everything you wish for in life
  • you are more powerful than you think