So glad you are here!

 I am a multi-passionate, uplifting and curious being. It is my passion to make people feel, own and celebrate their enough-ness and stand in their own truth. 

Holistic health and healing are my calling and I absolutely love self-discovery and seeing others embrace themselves fully. 

People around me describe my person as authentic, compassionate and trustworthy. I love holding the space for others to feel, release, heal and grow.

I am a certified 

Holistic Health & Transformational Life Coach

Breathwork Facilitator

Yoga Teacher RYT-500

I am very committed to my own growth and keep on learning in courses and self-study on a daily basis. 

My Story

I definitely wasn’t always seeing my own worth and living in a loving relationship myself. I am so grateful for my journey,  to see how far I have come and to support others to grow alongside me.

Although I had a happy childhood I was growing up with a big abandonment wound and death was very present in the first 6 years of my childhood. These unhealed wounds influenced my life. They have defined the way I saw and treated myself for a longtime as well as my choices and decisions for my path.

Trauma isn’t your fault but your healing is your responsibility. This became my mantra from about 20 on. I knew I wanted to take my destiny and healing in my own hands. So took off on a long and intense self-healing journey. 

I went to traditional therapy, started Yoga, got into Meditation, learned the power of Breathwork and other healing modalities. My curiosity has guided me to many places and people around the globe. I am honored to have had some very amazing mentors coming into my life and always gave me the little confidence boost which was needed. I also have learned that we all have the power to heal ourselves and that we don’t need to seek any external “guru”.

I embodied these teachings, tools, techniques, wisdom and encounters so that I can incorporate them into my work. Along this journey I became a Holistic Health Practitioner,  Yoga Teacher, Transformational Life Coach and Breathwork Practitioner. 

When fully claiming the responsibility for my own life I started changing my daily habits, developing healthy routines, my awareness was raised and I learned how to properly take care of myself.

To invest that much time and attention into my own inner healing and growth was the biggest gift I was able to offer myself. I can now say that I absolutely love myself, I know my worth and have a life aligned with my core values and clear boundaries in place. 

“we heal, we grow, we help others to do the same.”

My Mission

It is my mission to create a safe space for you to own your enough-ness, to step into self-acceptance and know that you are whole. I am not here to change you – I am here to support you to see your own worth and to step into the truth of who you truly are.

You have the right to be seen, heard, loved and to be seen as whole and this is what I do! 

What has been my own pain and suffering has become my life purpose! Please know that I definitely haven’t it all figured out – I am on a life long journey but I love to share the lessons and tools which helped me and to see others growing and learning besides me.

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