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What more appropriate season to talk about change than spring. With spring comes for me always the urge for a new beginning, to turn everything upside down. Human and nature are in a mood for change. The hormones go crazy, the flowers sprout and the clothes become more colourful. It is the time of purification, whether it is the body, the apartment or old beliefs, everything that is no longer needed has to go.

But as inspiring and exciting as such changes are, they are often chaotic, scary and sad at the same time. Believe me, I have had my life turned upside down or turned upside down by strokes of fate several times in the past years. Sometimes I ask myself how I have actually mastered all this without having completely lost the ground under my feet? One thing above all comes to mind: Yoga.

As clichéd as this may sound now, I found peace and stability on the mat in turbulent times. No matter where I am in the world, my yoga mat stays the same and when I stand on it, I find myself in my own little universe.

Yoga has helped me to accept change, to practice gratitude and to develop a certain basic trust. Everything comes good or even better.

The daily routine of rolling out the mat brings structure and mindfulness. How am I doing and what exactly do I need today are questions that automatically arise when I am on the mat. Deep breaths relax my muscles as well as my nervous system and the chaos of thoughts is clarified.

Ironically, I see yoga itself as one of the main reasons for the many changes in my life. I think every yogi will now nod with a smile. Actually yoga should come with a warning “Attention; if you like your life as it is, do not start yoga”.

It seems as if a karmic acceleration is taking place. Changes that would normally have taken us a few more years, such as finally quitting that annoying job, ending that long overdue relationship, or finally booking that plane ticket, happen within a very short period of time. All this for our own good, of course, but sometimes there is that moment when we ask ourselves what exactly we are doing here? Not to mention how our environment reacts to it. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t want to miss Yoga as my companion through change.

Whether spring or autumn, there is no better time for change than now, at this very moment. Therefore I would like to share eight tips with you, which support me and my clients in the process of change:

1. Make a clear decision and stand by it.
2. Gratitude, practice daily gratitude for what is
3. Mindset, change the stories you tell about yourself
4. Step by step to change, it is the small daily actions that count in the end
5. Self-care practice, look at yourself and respect your needs
6. Leave your comfort zone on a regular basis, so major changes don’t seem so scary afterwards
7. Community, build a support network that catches and motivates you
8. Compassion, be patient and loving with yourself, change takes time and regression is part of it

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