99 days left in 2019


Yesterday we have passed equinox – meaning day and night were equally long. This can be seen as a point of total balance. Everything is One. Equinox is also the beginning of Fall season in northern hemisphere. Changing seasons are key points in the cycle of life – from death to rebirth to growth to harvest – which also can be seen in nature.


In fall time mother nature prepares herself symbolically for death. We shed our old skin – as the trees shed their leaves.

We might feel like turning more inwards and reflect. In the upcoming months we set up internal space – space where we can express our feminine side which is all about nourishing and nurturing ourselves.


Spiritually seen, equinox is strongly connected with the harvest moon. Harvest season is the time to acknowledge abundance as our natural state. This can be done by for example lightening a candle and expressing gratitude for what we’ve got.


Fall symbolizes as well the moment where we renew a new growth cycle. It’s when we plant the seeds and create space for our dreams and a greater vision to emerge. This seed is going to rest during winter time and will manifest itself throughout the circle.


With this said – what is the number One thing you are going to focus on for the last 99 days in 2019?

What fruits can you harvest from the past seasons?

And what seeds are you going to plant for the future?

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