5 lessons learned in the mountains

Spending lately more time back in the mountains made me reflect about the lessons I have learned in these giants. Nature teaches us lessons for life – this is commonly known. But anyway I wanted to share some of my insights with you:


Depending on where you are or what kind of sports you are doing but especially in more technical mountain activities you have to be fully present. Observe your steps / movement – it can decide over your and maybe even other lifes. There is no time for the monkey mind to have his little dialog in your mind.


2. trust

Frist of all trust in your own force, capacity and awareness of what you are actually doing. Secondly trust in your mountain-buddies when for example walking together on a rope or climbing and your partner is securing you.


3. stay humble

No matter how much experience you have or you have already been in more difficult / dangerous situations accidents can always happen. Especially in the mountains are so many factors which you have to be aware of. So stay humble and don’t act as you are the hero having everything under control (can be applied basically on all outdoor sports ;)).


4. follow your rhythm

Listen to your body. Adapt your rhythm (speed) to your actual physical and mental state. Especially walking uphill has taught me in hard ways (with a lot of swearing and sometimes even tears) what my rhythm is and what price I pay when not following it.


5. accept your limit

Last but not least – it’s good to leave your comfort zone but you also need to know where your limit is. For some people this is easy as they are more conscious about the important factors and others push it too far.

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