How to deal with pressure?

While writing this post I googled “how to deal with pressure”. Guess what came up? Improve your time management,  tell yourself how many times you already mastered similar tasks and see the opportunity in this situation. I wasn’t sure if I was angry or sad about the suggested solutions. Is that really what we think to be constructive ways to release stress?


Isn’t it questionable that a stressed and overloaded way of living seems to be a normal state of a whole culture? That it’s totally normal to  run on the limit? Maybe we are too busy to overthink if this stress is all worthy. Maybe we really need to experience burnout or cancer first in order to wake up and change something? I know – we all have our lives running and can’t just quit in whatever situation we are in but maybe this post makes you reflect.


I was giving a workshop on the topic “Release and Reconnect” last week, where stress was an overall topic. It made me think about effective ways to deal with pressure aka stress. Read more about it below.


1. Release

Find ways and techniques which help you effectively and fast releasing pressure. The aim is that you can switch of your mind and feel relaxed afterwards. For everybody and with every situation it’s different. Generally physical activities and deep relaxation techniques as meditation or breathing exercises help to calm the nervous system down and let the mind rest. On the other hand you need to watch out not over doing it or push yourself too hard when you are already on your limit. Sometimes a slow yoga practice, a walk in nature or simply more sleep can be more effective than a power workout.


2. Reflect

Journal, talk to a coach or simply think about the following questions:

  • What is the root cause for your current state?
  • Is the pressure coming from an external source or did you impose it on yourself?
  • Where do you feel the stress in the body?
  • Did you already have health issues because of it?
  • What effects does the stress has on your social and internal life? (aka time with friends & family, hobbies, meditation and so on)
  • What is truly important in your life?
  • How would your life look like in 5 years when you aren’t changing something?
  • How does the pressure makes you feel?
  • What are your core desired feelings in life?
  • What kind of changes do you need to make in order to lower the pressure and reach this state of feelings?


3. Reconnect

After releasing and reflecting it’s time to reconnect. With reconnecting I mean to put yourself first – no matter what. It’s also an act of re-missioning – remember your mission in life and align your actions around it. Slow down and go back into daily business but this time in a more aligned and conscious way. Stay close to your true authentic self and your mission. The goal is to develop enough self-awareness to realise as fast as possible when you start running around like a headless chicken again :). The skill of self-awareness will help you from ending up in an exhausted place. Staying close to your own needs will also help you setting healthy boundaries about how much pressure you can handle and when it’s too much.

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