Are you ready to bring your dreams to reality?

I still see myself sitting on my Yoga mat, in a small apartment filled up with unnecessary things, being in an unfulfilling relationship, in a small mountain town and feeling so stuck in my life.


I was accepting situations I shouldn’t have.  I wasn’t speaking up. I wasn’t feeling strong enough and I didn’t see my own worth.


I was dreaming of being a strong and self-confident women who is standing up for herself.


I was dreaming to travel and live a location-independent lifestyle.


I was dreaming of having a positive impact in the world.


It all seems a far cry from where I am today, writing this down from my laptop, spending New Years Eve in Brazil with a big smile on my face. Waking up in a new country seems totally normal now.


My dream manifested itself in reality. I travel full time, am fully connected with myself,  know my worth, know how to set boundaries and create daily impact in others’ lives.


YOU can improve your life quality by standing up for your dreams!


It’s time to ring your desires into reality and inspire others to do the same <3  


This is what the “Make magic happen” Challenge is all about.  

Make magic happen challenge

In the upcoming 3 weeks we will lay the foundation to bring  your dreams into reality in 2019!


When joining the group , you’ll get for FREE

  • Daily live-videos from me
  • Inspiring Live-Interviews with empowering Women
  • Worksheets
  • Support by an amazing community of conscious & empowering Women 

We start on January 7.

Moreover I’ve created a “My Magic Year” calendar which you can download for free by clicking HERE.My Magic Year

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